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1 month ago
Farm track grading with the Deutz-Fahr

Here is Andy from Tuff-Trax in his Deutz-Fahr 6185 TTV grading one of the farm tracks at Rockscape. Regular road grading helps maintain the surface, especially when the weather has been wet. Follow ... See more

1 month ago
FENDT 936 Vario Tanking with 24m Dribble Bar

Here is Stan in the FENDT 936 Vario with the PICHON 24m dribble bar tanking digestate. The Massey is powerharrowing in the liquid fert before maize is drilled.
#FarmingVideos #ProHorizon ... See more

1 month ago
CASE IH 600 Quadtrac with Philip Watkins Quadtill

A little look back at some footage of the CASE 600 Quadtrac and Philip Watkins quadtill. It is on its last rounds of the headlands but still thought it was work giving it a go and getting a bit of ... See more

1 month ago
CLAAS 780TT with CASE Quadtrac and Chaser bin

The CLAAS 780TT and CASE Quadtrac with HORSCH Chaser bin. I have put it together from some unused video from a couple of years ago. The unloading is also a couple of seperate runs made into one ... See more

1 month ago
Potato Planting With Fisher Farms

Following on from the video of the CLASS Xerion ridging the other week. Here are Fisher Farms John Deere tractors destoning with the scanstone destoners and planting with the Dewulf potato ... See more

1 month ago
Stan in his FENDT 936 with Plough and Pressing

I hope to be out with Stan and this beauty tomorrow. His FENDT 936. This time he won't be ploughing but tanking.
#FarmingVideo #BritishFarming #ProHorizon

1 month ago
John Deere 6175R Drilling Sugar Beet

Just look at that scenery! 😍 Spike out in front of Thoresby Hall in his John Deere 6175R drilling sugar beet with the Vicon unicorn 18 row drill 👌
#FarmingVideos #BritishFarming #ProHorizon ... See more

1 month ago
CLAAS 8800 Lexion & MacDon Europe FD140 FLEXDRAPER

A short video I shot last year but never edited. It has a fair bit of slow motion showing the MacDon header from above. Shaun is in the CLAAS 8800 (780 pre-production stickers) testing out the ... See more

1 month ago
CASE 620 Quadtrac Ploughing with Kvernalend Variomat Plough

A little video of the CASE 620 Quadtrac Ploughing with Kvernalend Variomat Plough and Case Puma Black 240 Puma with Khun 6m Power harrow from Mick Everatt. They are working land ready for
RJ and AE ... See more

1 month ago
Dual CLAAS Combines Harvesting Oats

Here I was out with the Walters harvesting oats. With the CLAAS 750 Lexion and CLAAS 760 Lexion.

#FarmingVideo #BritishFarming #CLAAS #CombineHarvester