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4 hours ago

Live with the team at Beetroot UK topping and lifting their beetroot to head back to the factory

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22 hours ago

Here we have two dewulf self propelled harvesters via Yorkshire & Humber Ltd lifting potatoes with Bradley Sykes
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2 days ago

I can't believe it was just over a month ago I was out with Prestons Agricultural Contractors and one of their John Deere 9900i forage harvesters chopping maize at Thoresby. Maize harvest is one of ... See more

2 days ago

Here are the team at Beetroot UK harvesting earlier this month. Oliver is in the FENDT 939 Vario with the custom ASA-LIFT topper and burier. Paul is in the GRIMME UK 470 Varitron and Alain is in ... See more

3 days ago

Here is Olly from Stuart M Ranby Agriculture in the FENDT 724 and Jones Engineering Straw Coverer. He is tucking lovely carrots into bed for the winter to protect them from the frost for G. Roworth ... See more

5 days ago

I just love carrots!! I expect the time I get to film a carrot harvest they will be ones that have been bedded down for the winter with straw.

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5 days ago

Here is the second video with Sykes Produce Ltd harvesting potatoes. Along with their own dewulf RA 3060, they also have a demonstrator dewulf RCA 3060 from Yorkshire & Humber Ltd Bradley ... See more

6 days ago

Lee in the FENDT 942 Vario with 12m AMAZONE Catros Discs

#FarmingVideo #BritishFarming #FENDT942 #AMAZONECatros

1 week ago

Here is the last of the 2021 video's of Jon in his FENDT 724 Vario with the Knockerling Minimat press drill. This time its a birds eye view of him in action.
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1 week ago

Here is the legendary Sp1k3 in his John Deere 6175R and new to him HORSCH SIMBA 6m drill. He is drilling winter cerials the other month at Thoresby Farming & Thoresby Livestock (Well done ... See more