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Big Jim in the John Deere 7R with Krone Baler working with @G Roworth Agricultural Contracting Ltd baling on a controlled traffic farm last season
#farmingvideos #tractorbaling #johndeeretractor #ProHorizon
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2 days ago

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Good job and l would like to work there🙏🏿🙏🏿

I like this job..



Very neat


Hi sar


Hello my dear friend so are you fine but me i really like this work and this work is my work

Quite the pile of chaff behind the knotters


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What is the most annoying question that people ask you in farming? ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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How many acres are you farming? I simply say "All of them"

To me there are no annoying questions. I love relating my experiences growing up on a family farm!

Will you let me DEER hunt your land!

You're lucky, you get that free calf every year

What do you do on weekends and holidays?

"Are you done yet." Referring to planting or harvest. Like it's some type of competition as to whom is the first one done. Some years I've been the last one planting in our area but the first one done with harvest and better yields. That bottom is what's important to me.

Energy companies asking about your contract!

Do you milk the cows by hand. Love this one, I say yep, all 80 of them🤪

Hi Can I speak to the boss? Or Is your husband around? Nope it’s me - I’m the farm-her !!

Cow farts global warming

What do you do all day?? 🤯🤣

I can get it cheaper in the grocery store

What time you done work! Lol

What do you do wiht all yur money? Oh it nice you get this free time be otside drive around it tractors when im stuck to wrok. Must be nice not havein to wrok

How many cows do you have on your farm

When are you going to start fieldwork

People have no clue what it takes to farm or ranch

Would you sell me some ground so I could build a new house !

The question is not annoying, its the predetermined notion that your rich!

Being a crop farmer they ask me what I do all winter. I tell them it’s takes all winter to load all the grain and hay up to send back out and fight the weather doing it

It didn't rain enough for YOU??

So what’s it like living in the middle of nowhere?? 😝 anything to get away you is my answer

When the milk co-op says that the top priority with milk is somatic cell count and the consumer ask what's a cell count

Are you rich getting all those subsidies ?

Do you have an only fans

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It's not robot wars but it's close. I am with Alastair from Bourne Bespoke, a company specialising in vegetation clearance. This machine is their remote controlled MDB LV Green Climber in action working near the Lincolnshire Wolds this week. He is clearing some land that will then be grazed by sheep.
#landclearing #ProHorizon #bournebespoke
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3 days ago

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Further information can be found on their page here Bourne Bespoke :)

Looking forward to seeing 👀 this

Ok good job 👍

Oh wow. I love this video

Can it take down trees


Good 👍🤠

Very cool!

Ok good 💞💞



هذا العلم في الوقت الحالي جميل جدا و روعة ماذا يكون في المستقبل

Tractor and slasher is alot faster than that🤣


احسنتم العلم والمعرفة دوما في خدمة الإنسانية

Maravillosa erramienta motorizada



Unique industry

Andrew Mark 😁

يخرب بيتكم شقد اذكياء

Desde chile... yo eso lo hago con un tractor 4x4 y una rana hasia riba y a bajo

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This John Deere tractor and trailer are hard at work in our field with my lad and my niece enjoying a bit of spring fun, quite a few years ago now 😀

This John Deere tractor and trailer are hard at work in our field with my lad and my niece enjoying a bit of spring fun, quite a few years ago now 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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How are you

Keep it up ❤️💯



Estes non fan folga🤣🤣🤣🤣

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A video of the North Notts Ploughing Match back in 2022. The next one takes place on the 10th of March at Holly House Farm, Scaftworth, Bawtry, DN10 6BJ
#farmingvideos #ProHorizon #agri
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4 days ago

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Great to watch old and new gear at work thanks for sharing your video with us 👍.

Keep up the good ploughing.

I remember many of the Old Tractors from my youth. Great to see them still working and working well.


No need for gps, skill and hard work.

Next to Highlands these wee ponies are the best.

Great tractors 👍


Very good

Excelente trabjo

Bring back the good old days

Wow so great 💪✊✊✊✊✊

James Loubser

เป็นกำลังใจให้ครับผม🌏🤝🐂🐂🇹🇭🐃🐃❤️🙏🌾🌾🌾🌽🌽🛠️🚜hello good morning very good🫶🦌🚁🐓🦃

Beautiful soil

Es ist eine sehr gute Arbeit

Nelson L Canham

Lee Emery

Soy de Uruguay me encanta esos tractores lo. Viví con tractores. rueda de hierro con arado de caballo. Doble. Oliver por el año 1975 con mi padre

Now that’s ploughing

Tiempo de preparar la tierra para la próxima siembra que chulada de mano de obra. No más suspiro y el aroma de la tierra tan peculiar

Alexandru Loghin Alex pferd arbeit

Proof a team of horses is still better than Case 😂

wow тнe place ι dreaм тo вe 🥺🥺🥺

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Massey Ferguson tractor I took a few years ago.  What would be in your shed?

Massey Ferguson tractor I took a few years ago. What would be in your shed? ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Massey ferguson 8s 305 and a fendt 728

Fendt 724

I'd have a mf135 mf165 and a 188

I have 1949 Farmall Farmall cub

I'll go with my top 5. New Holland T7 340, New Holland T7 315, Case IH 300 Optum, Fendt 1050 & a Massey Ferguson 8740S.

Sophia Cooper Whitworth what would be in your barn

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I have been out on an interesting job over near the Lincolnshire Wolds today. The first time I have seen a remote controlled forestry machine in action with Alistair at Bourne Bespoke as he clearers brush to allow grazingImage attachmentImage attachment

I have been out on an interesting job over near the Lincolnshire Wolds today. The first time I have seen a remote controlled forestry machine in action with Alistair at Bourne Bespoke as he clearers brush to allow grazing ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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I have some video of this amazing machine in action too 👍🏻

Typical mate we have these too there called trees 🌳 be gone 🙄 😉. Looking forward to seeing more of the real life machine 😀 👍🏻

Great bit of kit from a safeety point of view. Look forward to the vodeo at some stage.

It’s a GreenClimber, I’ve use them and the McConnell roboflail before now

Must of been the 1 i saw on Louth bypass this afternoon on the trailer after you’d finished

With a name like Alistair he must be a good chap 😊

We’ve had them in at work awsome machine, that might be the one that usually comes in

Now that's awesome

This is Amazing!

McDonald’s make a remote control for that job designed by my Nephew IAN

Richard Day 👀 that bank it’s climbed is impressive

What’s the cost on one of those machines ? Brand new

Rob Baker

They are good bits of machine 

Alex Murphy

Very nice Bhai sahab

Spencer Wood Harry Wood

Nick Hague

Im driver sir

Cody Wappula

Used to call that a goat

رائع أنه السعي في العلم فقول الله تعالي وعلم الإنسان ما لا يعلم .لذا تجد ألانسان يسعى بتفكيره للاحسن ڤدماغ الإنسان متطور عن باقي الخلق

Clearing the brush aware with many sturdy roots and full canopy to break the rain . . That used to prevent soil erosion and land slides . Then you geniuses wonder why the the hill is a slope of mud with nothing growing on it .

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This was the first day of the season for this John Deere 9900i forage harvester in 2023. Working with AT Hill ltd
#farmingvideos #simplyagri #britishfarming
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6 days ago

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Before the monsoon period. Thanks for sharing the video 👍.

Respect for farmers

Amazing work, keep it up

good job

Un bon travail

Good work

Que bonito trabajo


ماشاء الله


إنه ألعمل الصالح يفيد ويطعم البشر

جميل جداجدا

Amazing 🤩 👍


Sana may ganyan din sa Pilipinas

ماشاء الله شوف البركه والشغل الحقيقي

Como que faz para um brasileiro ir trabalhar aí

قل اعملوا فسيرى الله عملكم ورسوله والمؤمنين

Where’s the corn?

Nghe tiếng máy đã thật

Cok yüksek biçiyor

A lot of waste

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Notts Vintage tractor working day ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

79 CommentsComment on Facebook

Afternoon mate 👍🏻 great day for it

Nice square plough think Howard s made them

Love seeing the old gals in action thanks for showing us your video 👍.

Watching from Gilgil kenya

Lovely machines 

Where are

Watching from.south rep of Ireland 🇮🇪 wexford, looks great turn out


Hola buen día amigos saludos desde Argentina santa fe TOTORAS

Nice fields working old tractors🚜🚜🚜

Saludos desde Cuba ✌️✌️

The MF 1080 were popular in America with the 1180 but most were rear drive , The white doe is a 150 two Ford force 75hp, they also did a 130 pre force and also a doe with Ford 7000, One farmer contractor near Ely used a 7000 & 5000 doe also he owned a 130 and 110 major at Cottenham NR Ely Cambs.

Perth Australia

When we had Satellite TV at our house we use to have RFD-TV, and, they would have a show on night about things like antique tractors in the UK, it was interesting.

Hi Sir


I hope you took Jonny Williams with you.

Lovely machines

Aaj Kya Insan Sabiya

روج باش مرحبا

LaGrange Indiana

Also, I think Ford tractors, back when Ford still had a tractor division, were VERY popular over there.


What I was starting to say before I was cut off, that British farmers really like two way plows, and, at least, where I'm from I NEVER see them.


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